Ten Years of Social

Welcome to #TBT10, where We Are Social is celebrating the last 10 years of social.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of We Are Social, we asked each of our offices to nominate moments when social media influenced culture. From 100 moments we’ve picked out ten ‘hero’ moments – a series of events that together help tell the story of the last ten years of social.

Choosing the final ten was a challenge and there was much debate to get to the final selection. Our goal was to include a range of themes, moods, platforms and cultural voices – reflecting both the weird and fun side of social as well as moments with significant social or political impact.

We’ve commissioned ten artists to create original pieces of art – using media from print to projection – which are being exhibited in each of our offices, and on this website. We hope you enjoy the artists work, and our thoughts on the last ten years.

“Now that social media are part of our everyday lives, it’s easy to forget we’re part of a different kind of global community and to underestimate the world-changing impact this can have. We wanted to look back over some of the most brilliant, empowering stories social media made possible and historic moments powered by people.” 

– Charlie Cottrell, head of editorial at We Are Social